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Using podcast videos to promote your podcast is actually a very simple process, especially if you incorporate it in to your editing workflow.

Social media promotes video, it’s no secret! Linkedin has launched its video platform last year, Facebook Live has been its biggest push for over a year, and Instagram Stories with its built in live video has become incredibly popular… and now there is Instagram TV too!


It has never been a better time to start using Podcast Videos to promote your show

Last year Facebook launched a test round of live audio; you could select an image and broadcast audio only. This was in April 2018 and at the time of writing this, the platform has NOT been rolled out.

This is because Facebook and so many other social media sites are promoting video. They want your attention span undivided and want you to remain on their own sites, the longer you are watching a video and not getting distracted… the better for them.

However, this isn’t a reason to not podcast at all! It just means we have to be a bit smarter when promoting our podcasts on social media, and we can create podcast videos for no extra cost and with very little work.

There are a couple of different methods for doing this, and audiograms are a very easy and fantastic way of leveraging podcast videos to promote your podcast.


My favourite tool for creating podcast videos is the Headliner app by Sparemin.

Here is how to use headliner for creating audiogram podcast videos.


1.) Cut out your best 1 minute of audio

For social media promotion your best bet is to use up to 1minute of audio, and your best bit! If you remeber this during the editing process you can easily mark it up in your audio editor or cut it out as a new piece of audio ready to create a video from.

You want this clip to really tease the episode, so make sure it pulls on an emotion or captures interest.


2.) Head over to Headliner –

You will need to create an account, but guess what… it is completely FREE to make podcast videos!


3.) Select Audiogram Wizard

There are a couple of different options after you login, however the quickest and easiest option is to use Audiogram Wizard. By all means play around with the other tools when you first use the app, you can create some very creative podcast videos.


4.) Upload your audio clip

Hit the choose file button and upload your clip from step 1, if the clip is less than 1 minute it won’t take long.

Once it has uploaded choose whether or not you want headliner to transcribe and caption the audio too! This is an awesome tool… it isn’t always perfect but captions make podcast videos convert at a lot higher rate! You will want to select your language and accent here too.

Then hit Next

podcast videos headliner

5.) Clean up the audio

On the next screen you can clip the audio, you will likely have done this already but if it needs a little tidying up you can do this here… Very handy!

Another amazing tool here is the time limit selector, hovering over the social icons shows the duration of a clip for each social media platform. If you are simply posting instagram you can hit the button and it will limit the duration of your podcast video clip for you!


podcast videos

6.) Choose the video layout

You get the choice of square, landscape or portrait. Perfect for either Instagram, Facebook or Stories!

Choose the layout you want and hit NEXT.


7.) Add a background image

The next screen has a few options, the first one I use is to add your background image in. If you don’t have a background image ready, jump over to canva and select one of the corresponding layouts from there and design away… It’s free too!


8.) Add your audiogram wave

This is where your podcast video comes alive! Headliner will add an animated wave to your image so that the video isn’t just audio and an image.

The features here are great: there are many wave types to choose from, you can change the colour and put the wave in the position you would like simply by dragging it on the image.

Once you are happy with how it looks, hit ‘Create Project’


9.) Headliner will go to work

It may take a minute or too for Headliner to do it’s thing. At this point it is fully uploading your audio and transcribing it for you.

On the next screen you will be able to easily correct any incorrect transcriptions, style your captions, and even add other media such as text or intros/outros.

You can also preview your podcast video here and make sure it looks awesome!

Once you are happy hit ‘Export’.


10.) Choose your output settings

If your video is one minute or less then the file won’t be very big so you can go for the higher export settings.

Make sure to check your email in the top dialogue box as Headliner will email you as soon as your video is ready.


11.) Hit Export eh… VOILA!

In a couple of minutes you will get a download link for your podcast video. If you don’t want to wait you can crack on with something else and you will receive an email with the download link when it is done.


Now head over to social and post your podcast video

Going back to the beginning of this blog, I mentioned that social media platforms like you keeping people on the platform for longer. That is why your post that is simply a link to your podcast doesn’t perform well at all!

The social algorithms push posts that take people away from that social media site to the bottom!! However a top little tip is:


  1. Create an audiogram video as above
  2. Post the video with some nicely written text to go with the post
  3. DON’T include a link to the podcast episode in the main post
  4. Instead write: “For full episode see the first comment below this post”
  5. Then post the link in the first comment!


A lovely little tip to keep your social media posts performing well, as well as giving the link to your full episode for people to check out!

This is a proven way to use podcast videos to promote your podcast, and it will increase the reach of your posts by a long way! Just make sure the clip is the best bit from your show and you will see a growth in your clicks, and therefore your listens!


If you run into any trouble or need any more help with getting set up, please do drop  a comment below and I will be happy to help.

You can also message in our podcast forum on Facebook, go to http://Podtips.Net to be directed to the group.


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