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If you are looking to start a podcast, you may have some idea as to what your podcast topic will be, then again you may have absolutely no idea what you should podcast about.

This blog post will take you through a few steps to help you determine what your podcast topic should be.


Choose a podcast topic / niche / industry…

For me this simply has to be something you are passionate about. You can research any topic and make it sound like you know everything about it, but something that is very difficult to fake is a passion for a podcast topic. It takes radio presenters years to get to the level where they can fake interest about ‘Little Mix’s New Years Resolution’ or ‘Ashley Cole’s latest affair’ (…seriously how stupid is that guy?!

Therefore it is going to take you years to fake passion for a podcast topic that you don’t have a genuine love for, and I am fairly sure you will never be one of the best podcasts of all time if you are podcasting about a topic that you don’t care about.

I have genuinely seen search results on google for people looking for a podcast topic generator… I can’t imagine something that would work worse in my personal opinion.

The process for selecting a podcast topic or ideas for your podcast that you care about is a simple one, answer the following questions:


a.) What niche are you trying to cater for or fill with this podcast?

Niches make riches (Doesn’t work in an English accent, but it still applies).


b.) Who is your podcasts target audience?

Have an image in your head and put it to paper. Think of the type of person you are aiming at to be an avid listener. Think of their demographic, age, interests, behaviours etc.

You will tailor everything you do with this person in mind, and really knowing exactly who your avatar is will help you make many decisions in the future including your podcast topic.


c.) Why?

It is as simple as the question. Why are you doing this, why are you creating a podcast?

This can help refocus you when you come to making decisions too, it might help you develop your keywords, marketing,  content and will especially help you narrow down your podcast topic.


Finally, there is a question I think we all need to answer when looking at podcasting and ideas for your podcast… Audio or video?

This may be a decision you have already made, especially if you got to this stage by searching for podcasts. However, there are still Vodcasts (Although I hate that word), or it may benefit you to create short videos to market your audio podcast called audiograms!

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Just remember the pro’s of audio… such as that podcasts allow your target audience to consume whilst driving, running, vacuuming, or walking the dog just to name a few.


Summary for Coming up with your Podcast Topic:

This is just a basic exercise to come up with some podcast topic ideas. You will likely have a few ideas and will need to do some research and validate that the ideas will work for your target audience. All of that is covered in the first part of the Podcasting Course in PodTips Pro.

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