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In the last few weeks Google have finally released the android solution to podcast app’s that everyone has been waiting for: Google Podcasts.

For a long time the statistics have shown Apple Podcasts as the leader in stats, and this has stemmed largely from the fact that android listeners are using a whole host of apps and none of them ever really cracked the 2% of listens number.


Google Podcasts however is likely to become the go-to android user app and will likely come pre-installed on to android devices, or at least the Google Pixel phone.


This isn’t going to be an overnight success, as with everything in podcasting it takes a while for things to happen and the world to take notice. However there is some good news… if you are a podcaster, there is a chance your podcast is already on Google Podcasts. Below I will show you how to check that…


But first a couple of commonly asked questions I have seen on forums and podcasting communities already:


1.) Is this the same as Google Play Music? – NO, this is a completely different app and destination. Being on one of these does not link the other, and the Google Play destination is “technically” only available in the US and Canada. (Although I do have a little trick for getting on there outside the US… drop me a message if you want that tip)


2.) Am I automatically added? – Not necessarily… If you are using a major podcast host such as Libsyn for your podcast, then the likelihood is yes you will be listed. However, there is more at play here than most podcast apps…


Google Podcasts pulls the podcasts into its app by searching the web. And so for your podcast to be listed you will need some web presence or a website for the podcast. This is where things can get a little less simple for getting your podcast on to Google Podcasts…


HOWEVER, you may not have to worry… Let’s find out if your podcast is already on Google Podcasts:


Use Google Podcast’s Direct Link generator to check whether it’s added you already…


1.) Grab your Podcast Feed URL from your podcast host

RSS Feed Libsyn


2.) Go to:  Google Podcast’s Direct Link generator and paste the URL for your feed into the top dialogue box…

google podcasts

3.) Hit generate and you will find out if your podcast is listed or not…

google podcasts

If the podcast isn’t listed don’t worry, I will explain a bit more below on how to sort that.


If your podcast IS listed in Google Podcasts… Yay… now go add links and buttons to your website and tell all your android fans! After all, it’s another excuse to promote your podcast… why not do a little video or story to tell everyone the good news! 🙂

I would also recommend adding Google Podcasts buttons to your site to promote the new app, thanks to James Cridland for this link, here is a download of Google Podcasts Badges. (From


If you aren’t listed, let’s look at the way to get your podcast on there…


How to get on to Google Podcasts

You will need:

  • Podcast RSS Feed address
  • A podcast website: Because Google Podcasts draws from the web you will most likely need to have a podcast website to get indexed / or a page on your site.


To get indexed you will need to:

  1. Link to your RSS feed from your website / page
  2. Link to your website from your RSS feed


1. Link to your RSS feed from your website / page


The first one can be a little difficult based on how your website was designed, however the main point is to achieve the following:


Within the webpage, google requires that there is a specific link to your RSS feed, and that it needs to be within your HTML.


The code should be in the <HEAD> sections of your code for the page dedicated to your podcast website. Here’s an example of the code:


<link type=”application/rss+xml” rel=”alternate” title=”Podcasting Tips Daily” href=””/>


The title section is whatever your podcast is called, and the href= is the link to your podcast RSS feed address.


There are a couple of side notes however, especially if you use a wordpress site:


  • The rel=”alterate” part of that code should be the only piece of code within that <HEAD> section… WordPress often has more of these added to head sections, so use this link if that is the case… It shows you how and what to remove.
  • If you are using wordpress and just want to add a <HEAD> section to one page on your website then you can use this simple plugin to add the code to one page.


2. Link to your website from your RSS feed

This section is much easier, on your podcast host simply fill in the web address box with the specific page for your podcast.

If you built your RSS feed yourself then you will need to make sure this is in the code manually. However if you use something like Libsyn, like I do, then you simply fill in the website box.


Then it is a waiting game…

Unfortunately there is no set time for this, we will just be waiting for Google to index the page and recognise the link to the podcast.


You can give it a little helping hand though, and point Google in the right direction for indexing your site. You will need to have a Google Search Console account (free), and follow the section number 1 in this brilliant guide by John Espirian.

(This is a great practice on all website pages and posts by the way).


Once you have done all that you can simply go back to the beginning of this article and check if your podcast is listed on Google Podcasts.

Whilst this seems a little confusing, it will be worth it and once it’s done.. it’s done!


If you are thinking of starting a podcast, are currently building, or wanting to grow a podcast… I would love you to check out my FREE three part webinar on podcasting. Grab your free space now: 


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