I'm a complete beginner is PodTips Pro still for me?

ABSOLUTELY! The 5 part course within PodTips Pro takes you from Plan to Build to Grow.

Everything you need to take your podcast from a load of random ideas, to a successful podcast that you love!

I have a podcast already, is this just for beginners?

HELL NO! This membership is for every single level of podcaster… From those with just an idea, to well seasoned podcasters.

There are resources for growing, hacks for maintaining, and discounts to help you avoid burnout.

Plus in the monthly open hours (one-to-one’s) we can cover ANY subject you like!

I have a podcast that is doing well, what can PodTips Pro do for me?

Well… this is assuming you want to keep growing your podcast and getting more listeners?

We have growth strategies, hacks for not hitting burnout, ways to find more content and guests, discounts to save you money, and ways to make your money.

There are tools for every single level of podcaster.

What if I don't like the membership?

Firstly to put your mind at complete ease we offer a 100% money back guarantee on your purchase within the first four weeks.

If there is anything at all that you are unhappy with, then let me know and I will deal with it so that your experience is great and it doesn’t get to that stage.

What happens if I want to cancel?

On our monthly membership you can cancel any time. I would be very sad if you did leave, however I understand that the timing might not be right and so you will be able to cancel easily and quickly.

Can you make my podcast for me?

Not with this membership. We can teach you the strategies and show you the way, but you will need to do some of the heavy lifting yourself.

If you are looking for help with particular services i.e. podcast editing, you can find discounts for those within the membership.

If you aren’t looking for membership and more looking for someone to make a podcast for you, email: and I will help out.

Do you offer a trial, I am not sure that this is right for me?

Currently we are not running a trial. However we are running some pretty hefty discounts. If you are unsure about your membership or want to know the discounts, email me: 

I really want to know what kind of chocolate is Chris' favourite!?

Dairy Milk…. Cold Dairy Milk… All the way!







Usually £30 per month.

Recurring monthly payments. Cancel any time completely hassle free.

Offer expires 30/08/2018

(Price is frozen for 6 months maximum)




Usually £360 per year.

Saving a massive £240 when you join on an annul subscription half price offer.

Offer expires 30/08/2018

(Price is frozen for 1 year only)

There is a 100% Money Back Guarantee on purchases where you are not happy with the product you receive within the first four weeks of purchasing!

We want to ensure you are super happy with Podtips Pro, so please rest assured with our no hassle money back guarantee!